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February 6, 2013 / Ginny Banks

Francesca Woodman

I wanted to show a pair of photographs by Francesca Woodman. As someone who photographs self-portraits, I respond to her performance for the camera. Through the use of her body, she suggests the ephemeral, the transitory and the fragile. I enjoy the sense of improvisation where she uses herself as model. She also works in series often pairing two or more images together to tell a greater story using objects and body parts. In this way, there is continuity and flow from one image to the next. One of my main interests is how she places her body within the flat two-dimensions of the square and yet, maintains a three-dimensional sense of depth. I am attracted to the way she pushes the boundaries of the frame in this way.

I like her use of the movement of her body in a space, often a dilapidated old house with lots of wall texture. Her use of props such as forks and spoons, clothing (shoes, dresses and scarves), shells and flowers also attracts me.  Sometimes, she writes cryptic messages to accompany a photograph. “Then, at one point, I did not need to translate the notes, they went directly to my hands.”

Francesca Woodman Francesca Woodman


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