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February 14, 2013 / Ginny Banks

ART 297 Special Topics in Art: Photographic Narrative: Ideas and Practice

I want to announce a new class I will be teaching at Bellevue College in Spring Quarter 2013. It is a narrative photography class dealing with storytelling, whether it be subjective or objective. The class will be structured like a workshop where there will be a constant exchange of images, ideas and information. We will delve into the history of documentary photography up until the present day where we are flooded with imagery. I think it will be exciting! Please read the following description:

Explore the world of portraiture and environment culminating in a documentary project where students will select from a list of charitable organizations and work on an in-depth photographic story utilizing skills they have learned about photographing people and place.

After completing this course, students should be able to:

• Understand the main approaches to portraiture.

• Learn how to interpret and portray a physical environment.

• Understand how to research, propose and edit a photographic story.

• Learn how to produce and work within a narrative structure.

• Learn how to write a basic script and produce captions.

• Be able to communicate, work with and interview a client.

• Learn basic lighting techniques and how to shoot on location.

• Understand workflow, editing and sequencing.

• Articulate their concepts/styles and feelings about their work.

• Understand various technology to communicate a story.

• Present their work and put into a format for others to experience it.

Sounds great right? For those of you who would like something more in-depth on your resume, this is it! You will be working with a “real world” client. You will pick from a list of nonprofit organizations that I have previously contacted. They all want photographs and are excited to be working with you. See you in April!




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