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March 14, 2013 / Ginny Banks

Mona Kuhn

I just returned from the SPE conference in Chicago (Society for Photographic Educators). One of the speakers was Mona Kuhn, who I am now captivated by. These photographs are from her book called “Native.” In this series, she returned to her homeland Brazil. The work is about a mood, it is about Brazil, about a bird returning to a nest in the forest. Her visual journey fuses together photographs of nature and people in a highly personal portrait of a place seen through her eyes and imagination. The subjects are real, contemporary people, part of her generation. Her nudes are caught in a pensive and quiet state that she achieved patiently working to establish a genuine relationship of trust. She avoided using a tripod—or any other artificial props—and being assisted during the shooting in order to make people feel comfortable and naturally at ease with her. They are luminous and beautiful.

MK_Marina09 MK_JungleRoots09 3876_680 4273_680 3865_680 4247_680 3931_680 3854_680 3621_680 3852_680 3863_680


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