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October 29, 2013 / Ginny Banks

Project #2: Still Life

The beauty of the still life assignment is that your setup doesn’t move. This is one of the beginning assignments for Photo I.  Students are learning how to use the camera controls and how to interpret their light meters. The assignment requires you to set up compositions and think about how to light them while photographing both inside and outside. A few of the images shown border on landscape but I am including them for their quiet mood. The first two images are by Julia Robertsdottir.



The next is her mother’s CPR dummy by Andrea Stein.


The glass below is by Katarina Schrag.


The next two images are by Kielen Simons.



The spiderweb is by Thomas Gray.


Will Duffy was a firefighter. The following is a pepper on fire.


Breeanna Weatherby photographed her art supplies.


Lily Daniels photographed important keepsakes.


The next are two peaceful still life/landscapes. The first is by Connor Shiozaki.


And last, a photograph by Carolina Sawyer.



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