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November 14, 2013 / Ginny Banks

Project #3: Street

The street assignment is a departure from staged scenarios. It involves going out and creating an experience for yourself preferably in an urban area where there is a lot going on. Often, it requires quick exposures in order to capture the “decisive moment,” that moment when you know the picture is perfect. Sometimes you catch it but many times you miss it. The mode of street photography is challenging but also inspiring. Some students experimented with movement while others did some night photography. All in all, they had fun! The first image is a Pike Place Market photograph by Priscilla Hartono.


The next image is at Seattle Center by Katarina Schrag.


Mannequins are often interesting like in this image by Julia Robertsdottir.


This street scene has beautiful shadows by Thomas Gray.


The next image is an interesting point of view by Lily Daniels.


Andrea Stein did some night photography.


The next image shows Smith Tower in downtown Seattle by Cailin Sweet.


I love the selective focus of this photograph by Kielen Simons.


During the assignment it was Halloween. This photograph is in a pumpkin patch by Emeralde Faunson.


The next photograph is by Hiroyuki Mori taken in the University District.


A street musician was the focus of this photograph by Leanna Cabanilla.


This street scene is is reminiscent of Lee Friedlander by Clarice Bruch.


The last photograph was taken at a fair by Katharine Doughty.



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