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November 23, 2013 / Ginny Banks

Project #4: Portrait/Self-Portrait

This assignment is always an interesting one. Students are required to shoot at least one roll of a person and at least one roll of themselves. Usually, they are apprehensive about the self-portraits but once they start to see the infinite possibilities, they enjoy the process and resulting photographs. Things I ask them to consider involve shadowing someone for the day, environment and how it reflects their subject or themselves, clothing or possessions, body parts, motion and certainly mood and lighting.  The first images are by Emeralde Fauson. I don’t think she is aware of Francesca Woodman but her work has a similar feel.



The next self-portrait is by Julia Robertsdottir.


The following image is by Pricilla Hartano. I love the focus!


The next two are by Andrea Stein. The first deals with motion and the second is a double exposure.




The last two are by Cailin Sweet. They are photographs of her mother and the environment looks magical.






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