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January 18, 2014 / Ginny Banks

Beginning Assignment: Photograms

Welcome Photo One students! Photograms are a great way to begin your photographic explorations. Photograms deal with light, latent image, positive/negative space, photographic chemistry and the enlarger. Students were to be mindful of elements of composition such as: unity, balance, emphasis, repetition, direction/movement, contrast, rhythm, and space as well as elements of design: line, shape, pattern, figure/ground relationship and value. The first is by Senglong Ngor. I love the touch of nature he placed by the headphones and the use of the shell.


The next is by Megan Chang. The sense of movement/direction is obvious in this one!


Shinna Zhu did the next one. I love all the ribbon!


The next is by Jihee Jeon. It is more complex and has a nice sense of asymmetry.


Sergey Kruse did the next one and it is a clear example of symmetry.


Yun-Hsin Laing did the next photogram and I love the unity and completeness of it.


The next one is by Patty Lin. She explored pattern with newsprint cutouts.


This one is by Guy Everett. It has a sense of playfulness and rhythm.


All in all, it is a great start to the quarter! Stay tuned for the next assignment.


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  1. kelsimad / Jan 19 2014 12:09 am

    Looks like a fun assignment.

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