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March 26, 2014 / Ginny Banks

Final Project: Narrative Photography.

Many students had interesting narrative projects. Some were linear and told a traditional story while others were more poetic and reflective in nature. I would like to showcase several student’s work. The first is Michael Bala. Michael’s narrative, When You Sleep, is a study of how artificial light can be absorbed to describe different types of nighttime scenarios. Through these images, Michael wanted to address the feeling of loneliness. He is fascinated with how light can influence the mood of the subject. Here are his photographs.











The next body of work is by Alexis Leader. The following is her narrative. My story starts with a solitary figure dressed in black. The black clothing represents the sadness and inner turmoil that this person is facing.


She is trying to decide whether to leave everything behind in order to follow an urge that she has inside. An urge that tells her she must leave civilization behind; that the trees and the forests are her true home.


She lays down in the woods and listens to what the forest is trying to say while she contemplates what to do.


Eventually, she decides that she must go because sitting still has become too painful. She has become too restless. Her destiny is to wander amongst nature in order to learn the ancient knowledge nature contains. Only those who are quiet enough are able to hear the language of the trees, the language of the rivers, of the plants and of the animals.


She switches to wearing a white dress in order to indicate that she is at peace with her destiny.


She leaves behind everything she has in order to be able to focus and learn. Her shoes and socks and her loved ones are left behind.




She has found her place in this world and she is happy.


During this time, she wanders through the woods and learns everything she can.


Eventually, it is time for her to make the final transition, to move on to the next level of knowledge.


The ghost-like photographs represent her leaving this Earth and entering enlightenment. It is time for her to go higher, to go home and not even her body could tie her down and keep her from leaving.







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