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April 19, 2014 / Ginny Banks


Students start the quarter off with photograms. I like to think of photograms as “drawings with light.” You can endlessly play with just several objects. Students bring things from home that are meaningful or that they think will be interesting to work with. The project is an introduction to elements of composition so they are encouraged to think carefully with how their objects are placed on the photographic paper. It is also an introduction to the darkroom and the negative/positive process as well as latent image. The first photograms are by Lincy Thammavongsy. She used fabric!


The next is another variation by Lincy.


The next photogram is by Claire Wong. Claire used fabric as well with a little embroidery on the left side. Very subtle.


The last fabric image is by Katie Glasnovich.


Gyna Yun used items to put on makeup and a cup holder. The glowing dots were from an interesting rice paper that she used with metallic gold flecks. It translates beautifully in a photogram.


Jake George picked something that is powerful in it’s simplicity.


Kailey Bostic experimented with items from nature and a torn up piece of newspaper.


John Nguyen created a symmetrical arrangement using ribbon and a feather.


The last is by Jonathan Dunham. He used a fishing reel, some flies and a piece of coral.






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