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May 4, 2014 / Ginny Banks

Pinhole Photography.

This is always a fun assignment. Students construct pinhole cameras and take pictures with them mostly on campus at Bellevue College. Part of the assignment was to do a self-portrait or figurative one using a fellow classmate as a subject. These to me are the most interesting largely due to motion blur and the ghostly effects. The first is a pinhole positive by Claire Wong.


The next is a pinhole negative by Meridian Smith. She used Claire as her model photographing in the outside hallway.


The next is by Katie Glasnovich. She took her camera home and photographed herself in this pinhole negative.


The next is a self-portrait pinhole negative by Jonathan Dunham.


The next is a pinhole negative and positive by Josh Stefaroi. He found something unique and industrial on campus to photograph.



The last is a self-portrait negative and positive pinhole by Estefanie Bazan. The stripes in her shirt were cool!








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