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June 3, 2014 / Ginny Banks

Classic and Environmental Portraiture.

Classical portraiture focuses solely on a person whereas environmental portraits are photographs of a person taken in their surroundings, the places where they live, work or play. In this assignment students picked one person to photograph. They used the mode of portraiture to explore the effects of shallow and deep depth of field (aperture) along with motion and time (shutter speed). They were encouraged to have a collaborative experience with their subject. Students used digital cameras for this assignment and made prints from Epson printers in the photo lab. The first photograph is by Mei Wong. The image is of her sister and her bedroom.


The next photograph is by Gyna Yun. Gyna photographed her friend in the park. I love the quality of light and the streamers.


The next photograph is by Lisha Du. It is a self-portrait.


This photograph is by Janelle Kevin of her daughter and her bedroom. She loves France.


The next is a photograph of her father by Meridian Smith.


The next image is by Taylor Faires. I like the auburn hair with the green.


Evellyn Tan photographed her friend in her bedroom. Notice the polaroids on the pillar.


Colin Youngblood photographed his friend at night.


Lincy Thammavongsy photographed her friend with a slow shutter speed while they were spinning on a ride in the park.



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