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August 14, 2014 / Ginny Banks

Final Project: Street Photography.

The final project was to go out and photograph in the mode of street photography. Students met in Westlake Center on a beautiful summer day in Seattle. From that starting point everyone went in different directions. Many wound up in Pike Place Market and surrounding downtown areas. The idea was to have a memorable experience and not spend too much time thinking about the results but mostly responding to what you see. The assignment was using digital cameras.

The first photograph was by Rena Chen. She was overwhelmed by so many people downtown and searched for quieter images like this one.


The next two are photographed in Pike Place Market by Qingqing Lin. She photographed the balloon man (Seattle icon) and discovered a leg sticking out in the sidewalk.


This black and white shows motion blur and is taken down the stairs from the balloon man near the famous gum wall.


The next photograph is the gum wall photographed with an unusual perspective by Rei Orikata.


Another Pike Place Market shot shows the bustle of people buying goods by Kyungmin Lee.


Wyatt Kim captured a decisive moment in the shopping district downtown near Pacific Place.


The next photograph is by Shelby Heath. It is the park opposite Pike Place Market overlooking Highway 99 and the waterfront. I love the white suit!


Olivia Andrade took this interesting shot in the Market as well.


Ling Manuel took the next two photographs with a faulty camera. What she thought she was framing turned out differently and she was unexpectedly surprised. They have a great “street” feel to them.


She noticed both girls had the same distinctive shoes!


Jacob Jeffers went to the Seattle Center and discovered this cup in the fountain. His camera got sprayed a bit!


Nicole Sencenbaugh photographed the following scene in the Market.


William Meng went to the Space Needle and photographed panoramas of the city from the top as well as this scene from the bottom.


Danette Choi photographed these people picnicking in the park.


Ryan Moffat photographed a pleasant scene of the waterfront and the new ferris wheel with a signature Seattle coffee cup! The early morning light was beautiful.


Chihana Sato continued her exploration of Seattle and photographed in a pet store in Factoria on the Eastside where Bellevue College is. She got this amazing shot of a lizard!


And, finally, Ailin Yu went inside the Seattle Art Museum to capture this unique shot looking up at a permanent installation in the foyer.





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