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February 9, 2015 / Ginny Banks

Field Trip to Mercer Slough!

It was a sunny 60 degree Monday in January when the class went on a field trip to Mercer Slough. What precipitated the trip was an exhibition at Bellevue College by Ellen Sollod. Ellen showed an interesting body of work consisting mainly of pinhole photographs entitled Lake Washington Palimpsest, an exploration of the environmental impact of the lowering of the lake that happened as a result of the building of Montlake Cut and the Ship Canal. Part of the project was a camera obscura she set up in the breakfast room of Frederick Winters House at Mercer Slough. After the Slough was drained, Winters built a house and bought 10 acres for a commercial floral business. The house now stands as an historic site. Not far down the path is the remains of the Boiler Building where there were paper whites blooming as part of the exhibit. Students experienced the camera obscura and then went on a hike past the Boiler Building and into the Slough. Here are some of their images. The first is a nice image of the house by Fuli Lan.


Here is an image of the Boiler Building by Karolina Shirokova.


The following image is by Ya-Yen Ou of part of the path that led out into the Slough.


Carylyle Moore’s view of the path was somewhat different!


This is a lovely view of texture utilizing shallow depth of field by Jordan Pickett.


Steve Groves captured this view of the water. The colors that day were amazing!


Here is a view by Jessica Kong.


Finally, another image of the house by Kim Lam. This is the view from the parking lot.





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