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March 26, 2015 / Ginny Banks

Final Project: Narrative Photography.

The final project this winter quarter involved a cohesive body of images that included a written text. Students illustrated poems, told linear stories and became philosophical about their work. Most students had at least seven photographs. Here are some highlights. The first body of work was by Jessica Kong. Her work was entitled Women in Environment. She wants the viewer to use their imagination about what is going on in the image and provided little text.






The next few images are by Carlyle Moore. Carlyle wrote a poem called The Message. His inspiration started when he found an old phone book. He started envisioning the lives of the people in the phone book. Here are some of his words…..torn and abandoned riddled with dirt, I connect the dots with a brittle old phone book, minus the typewriter. A glass house full of memories hides behind a locked door as anonymous creatures lurk about in the background…..




The next photographs are by Brigid Krause. She illustrated a poem. Here are her words….streamed straight to the bone, as if you were the room closed in glass, with every speck of dust illuminated…


…the light is no mystery….


…the mystery is that there is something to keep the light from passing through.


The next images are by Julie Ling.  A young boy ran into a pair of shoes that caught his attention…


They belonged to a girl. He admired her beauty on one of their walks together.


He lost her and to this day goes on walks by himself on the trails they walked upon. He imagines her next to him but there is no one there.


The next four images are by Karolina Shirokova. Karolina did double exposures by the water in nature and in the city. Her poem is called Stuck.  She has a fear of the future. She doesn’t know where to go. She wants to be brave but she’s scared of the unknown. She wants to be free, yet she’s still stuck. She’s trying to tear down walls without any luck. She wants to escape; yet something is holding her back. She is trapped in the past not being able to let go.





The next set of photographs is by Kim Lam. Kim is experiencing a long distance relationship. She used photographs placed in her images…your images are pretty much everywhere I go because we went there together. My memory is full of our memories. Sometimes I feel really empty because you are not here. I miss you and I love you….




Robert Lung used photos within the following images as well. In his case, the photo was of his father who died when Robert was only four years old. Robert carries his photo in his wallet everywhere he goes…it means he is always with me.







Kenny Wang was interested in taking pictures of people who were unaware of his camera and acting natural. He captured some beautiful moments.




Fuli Lan photographed his girlfriend at Rattlesnake Lake. His words…in these photographs I want to create a story about my girlfriend who meets me in a dream.




Brock Anderson had an interesting body of work showing nature and evidence of man. His words….there was a time in our ancient history when humans understood things—important things that are now only observed in nature, but still mostly ignored, forgotten or repressed. His work also included a door, an opening, an invitation to open the door and experience the freedom of birds. I feel like the next two go together somehow.



Ashley Perrin’s narrative was about people waiting for God. She photographed herself in the grass with a beautiful crystal wand.


Her friend by the water.


And another friend studying yoga.


Young Park photographed a day with his friend who has left to go back to her country. He has these images as memories. This was their day together in Seattle.










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