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March 28, 2015 / Ginny Banks

Final Project: Narrative Photography continued.

Steve Groves decided to build a series of images that emulated the black and white films from the past. His body of work using the same two models wasn’t so much a story as an adventure in different lighting techniques trying to replicate the older films from Hollywood. The first photograph was a Hollywood glamour shot of Steve’s female model. Steve’s inspiration was Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn.

Steve Final-7

The next image was depicting Phantom of the Opera. Steve used a two light setup with a high powered light aimed at the Phantom’s face to mimic the bright white of a porcelain mask.

Steve Final-2

The next image was from Dracula. Steve lit the scene with a pair of lights emphasizing contrast.

Steve Final-4

This next film noir shot of a detective was lit from outside a window, through half closed blinds.

Steve Final-5

The next photograph was replicating Alfred Hitchcock lighting which was the most difficult to achieve.  It is lit using a three light setup and took an hour to get it just right.

Steve Final-3

The next photograph gives the feel of Broadway and is entitled American Bandstand. Steve used a homemade ring light as a backdrop.

Steve Final-6

The last image replicated a Clint Eastwood Western. This image was shot with a white muslin backdrop and composited with a background image of a desert.

Steve Final-1

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