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April 23, 2015 / Ginny Banks

Spring Quarter Pinhole Project.

Sometimes I think the pinhole photography assignment is the best project all quarter! We always do it at the start of the quarter. It is a great introduction to aperture (size of pinhole) and shutter speed (how long you expose). Students create cameras that are many different sizes from Altoids canisters to tea and cookie tins. I love it when students personalize their cameras like these first ones. This one is by Cailin Lanier.


The next is by Beka Anderson.


Cailin and Beka posed for the their positive pinhole on the stairs.


One more pinhole camera is by Isabella Liu.


The next pinhole negative is by Gabrielle Larsen.


I like the positive version as well.


The following negative pinhole is an image of some of the architecture at Bellevue College. I like the way the trees look. This photograph is by Isabella Liu.


Another scene of the same building shows some beautiful cloud reflections in the windows of the same building. It is a positive pinhole by Sam Ethington.


I like the next negative and positive version by Eason Feng.



Eason also took the next photograph in the hallway of the art building. Student self-portraits are hanging on the wall.


The next positive is by Gillian Peterson. I really like the flower she captured.


The next two are by Gillian as well. Captain America!



Jun Kim did the next pinhole both negative and positive.



The next close up is by Jannie Phan. I like the distortion!



Ashley Johnston took this self-portrait. I love the pose!


The following negative and positive pinholes are by Paulina Hui.



The next pinhole positive shows a beautiful design by Kirin Kim.


Jin Sun did the next pinhole positive.


The last pinhole is by Riley Pascual.




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