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May 28, 2015 / Ginny Banks

Elements of Design.

The elements of design and design principles are the building blocks of composition. This project involved looking at the ordinary world as a source of raw material and inspiration. Students were to apply elements of design and design principles to their photographs. The subject matter was entirely up to the individual student. It was interesting to me because I could see what each student liked to photograph. Some of the elements you might see present in the photographs are: line, shape, form, space, value and texture. Some design principles are: unity, balance (asymmetry and symmetry), emphasis/focal point, repetition/pattern, movement/direction, contrast and rhythm. The first two were by Hyeonjin (Jun) Kim. They are beautiful panoramas.



The next photograph was by Beka Anderson. It is a great example of contrast and texture.


The next photograph is by Cailin Lainier. It has such a sense of joy and showcases balance and movement.


The next photograph is by Carissa Howland. Carissa has done some wonderful photographs of moments with her friends. I particularly liked the vantage point of this one and the texture of the hair.


The next three photographs are by Deng (Eason) Feng. The first is very much about form in space.


This next photograph utilizes reflection and is a great example of balance and emphasis.


The last of Eason’s is very much about line and shape. I love shots like this from a plane.


This photograph is by Kelea Browne. I love the gesture of her friend. It illustrates focal point and emphasis and also form and space.


This photograph is by Hannah Hobbs-Mallyon. She photographed this image in her bedroom and it shows asymmetry and form.


The next photograph is excellent for leading lines and contrast by Jake Wong.


Darung Leng took this next photograph. It is a great example of shallow depth of field and line work.


Tyler Griffin photographed some beautiful nature images. I love the smoothness of the water and the sense of movement.


The last two are by Yicun (Isabella) Liu. This one is great for symmetry and texture as well as focal point.


This one utilizes form and space as well as symmetry and emphasis.



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