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January 8, 2016 / Ginny Banks

Narrative Photography.

This is a final project requiring a cohesive group of photographs that are accompanied with text of some sort such as a few paragraphs letting the reader know what is on the photographer’s mind, a sequential story, a poem or captions, etc. The first group is by Guewen Daniel. His work was entitled “Light and Shadows.” Here is an excerpt from his written piece. I like high contrast photography and shadow because they tend to be mystic and bring a feeling of wonder, sadness and loneliness that I like. I guess each photo could be interpreted differently but from my point of view it is all about darkness and loneliness. I don’t really know why I like those emotions so much but they are the ones I’ve felt the most in my youth. I guess I just respond more to those feelings now.










The next set of photographs are self-portraits exploring feelings and double exposures by Baily Richardson. Her writing follows. I took a double exposure for an idea connecting places and feelings. I liked the photograph so much that I decided to change my idea to “moody” double exposures. I have always enjoyed learning and challenging myself and that was more of what this project was to me. My photos all connect because they are dramatic and moody and they all have a similar feel to them. Each caption is intended to be just enough information to make the viewer think their own story. Each caption made me think of a memory and I really liked the idea of my photos meaning something different to every person who saw them.






The next group of photographs are the documentation of an event that existed from start to finish as a literal story by Julia Nguyen. This is her explanation of the event. Student Conservation Association is a nonprofit organization that I volunteered  with in 2015. We partnered up with Green Seattle to help restore a local park. Volunteers of all ages came out and spent the morning helping us replenish native plants around the park as well as learning how to use different types of tools. Volunteering is more than just a requirement for high school. It’s a way to give back to the earth we call home.






The next project was by Henry LaVallee. Henry took a trip to Prague with other students from Bellevue College. His photos function as a travelogue. The written work that accompanied the images were his journal of sorts containing philosophical musings about his experiences. The following is an excerpt. In travel, it would seem a waste of time and money not to make an international connection with someone else. A new friend, like a good song, brings memory and meaning to a life. Perhaps you meet someone from across the world in the cab of a train en route from Prague to Olomouc. You open yourself up to them and expose a part of yourself you are proud to share. Entering the unknown moment in front of you with the wisdom of all that has made you wonder in your past. Your future is an ice block you begin to carve into the shape your lover made when they whisper your name in the darkness. Henry’s photographs begin and end with a self-portrait.









The next photograph is children’s shoes from Auschwitz.



Cherish Clinton took the next series of photographs. She, too, documented an event, Black Lives Matter, in downtown Seattle. She really only discovered this event when already being downtown and photographing homeless people. Cherish really enjoys street photography and was not at all shy to approach people on the street and introduce herself. In her written part, Cherish expressed how she felt about photographing on the street. My piece is about unheard voices on the street. The loud, the desperate, the drunk, the high and the crazy are chosen. I didn’t plan any of these, they are all candid photographs. Street photography speaks to my soul. I love the raw grittiness, the high exposure, even the noise of light. These first few photographs are taken before she saw the event.







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