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April 15, 2016 / Ginny Banks

Portraiture in Port Townsend.

I am happy to be teaching so many talented students in Port Townsend. We just finished a classic and environmental portrait class last month. I wanted to showcase the work of two students. The first is Johanna King. Johanna travels a lot and was lucky enough to go to Seville, Spain and document their legendary flamenco scene. The assignment was classic portraiture, environmental portraiture and one portrait portraying motion. These are Johanna’s black and white images. She did a great job of capturing the energy of the performance all while dealing with low light situations and small spaces.



In Seville, Johanna was out with her camera and happened upon a large group of people dressed to the nines for what she assumed must be a wedding. They walked past her on the sidewalk and she captured their finery in street photography style. The women’s hats, suits and shoes were the height of fashion. She grouped them as triptychs. I like her cropping decisions.



The other student is Rick York. Rick had his remarkable mannequin photography on exhibit at a local hair salon named Salon Delucca. He decided to do some portraits in the salon. I really like the way they turned out.





Rick took another beautiful portrait in a local shop named Bazaar Girls Yarn Shop and Fibre Emporium. This is a photograph of the owner. I love the texture of her hair and scarf and the motion blur with all the colorful yarns behind her.


His environmental portrait with motion was a blacksmith’s shop that he visited. I love the energy of the photos. He is exploring pairing photos together and I like what he did with these next four.


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